Rainy Day Box


Buy the April Grow Curious box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. The theme for this box is Rain.

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Buy the Grow Curious Rainy Day Box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. This box has the theme of Rain and includes the following:


🌧️ The Rhythm of the Rain
Enjoy this fantastic picture book following the journey of water from a mountain pool, all the way to the sea.
🌈 Rainbow Chard Seeds
You can’t have rainbows without rain! Plant these rainbow chard seeds and enjoy the beautiful multi-coloured stems.
☔ Weather Stickers
These cute weather stickers are perfect for adding to drawings, keeping a weather diary, decorating notebooks, or whatever you decide!
💧 The Water Cycle
This water cycle book is full of fascinating facts about the water cycle. Where does it come from? Why do we need it?
🌵 Cactus Rain Stick
This fantastic rain stick is made from a cactus. Deadwood is collected by mules, then hollowed out. Cacti needles are spiked into the inside, and then pebbles are added to make noise!
🐌 Rainy Day Bingo
Get your wellies at the ready. This month’s scavenger hunt will have you searching for creatures that come out in the rain and other rainy day things.
🌧️ A fact sheet
Learn some interesting facts about rain.
💦 An activity card
15 ideas for fun things to do in the rain. See if you can do them all!


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