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Buy the June Grow Curious box for yourself, or as a gift, for 瞿20.99. This box has the theme of Butterflies.

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Buy the Grow Curious Butterfly Box for yourself, or as a gift, for 瞿20.99. This box has the theme of Butterflies and includes the following:

The Grow Curious Zine
This month’s zine has butterfly facts, jokes, and more.
Caterpillar to Butterfly
This interactive book folds out to show the life cycle of a butterfly.
Seedball Butterfly Mix
We love these tins of seedballs. These little balls are packed with butterfly friendly, wildflower seeds.
Butterfly Chart
This handy chart is perfect for identifying any butterflies you spot. Slip it in your bag when you’re off on an adventure.
Butterfly Life Cycle Figures
Learn about the different stages of the life cycle of a Painted Lady butterfly.
Butterfly Sticker Book
Enjoy filling in your sticker book and learning the names of beautiful butterflies as you go.
Nature Bingo
June is a great month for heading out on a butterfly hunt. See if you can spot every butterfly on this month’s bingo sheet.


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