Love Bugs Box


Buy the February Grow Curious box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. The theme for this box is Love Bugs.

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Buy the Grow Curious Love Bugs Box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. This box has the theme of Love Bugs and is jam packed, so watch out for ants!


🐝 Bee & Me. This wordless picture book is one of my absolute favourites. The illustrations are beautiful and so is the story about a friendship between a girl and a bee.

🌼Bee friendly seed mix. Plant your own mini meadow. If you don’t have a spare patch of ground, maybe you could sow them in a flower pot? Or how about in a row of old wellies? Do your bit to help save the bees.

🕷️ A build your own insect house kit. Give some homeless bugs a home! Have fun building this mini insect house, and then find the perfect spot for it to live.

🐞 Ladybird stickers. Enjoy covering your pictures, creations or your brother with this ‘loveliness of ladybirds’. Yes, it’s unofficial, but the internet has decided that the collective noun for a group of ladybirds is a loveliness.

🦗 Mad About Bugs book. This great little bug book is the perfect size for taking on explorations. It’s full of fascinating facts.

🐜 A nature bingo sheet. Head outside with your bingo card and see if you can spot every insect.

🐞 A fact sheet about ladybirds.

🤎 An activity card with a recipe for ‘mud’ playdough. Enjoy some sensory play and maybe use it to set up a bug themed small world.


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