Winter Box


Buy the January Grow Curious box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. This box has the theme of Winter.

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Buy the Grow Curious Winter Box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. This box celebrates the season of Winter. Wrap up warm, and get ouside to enjoy what nature has to offer in winter. Inside the box you will find the following things:


❄️ Robin’s Winter Song, a beautiful picture book about Robin’s first winter. A perfect story to read as you cuddle up together to warm up after a play outside.

❄️ A bird feeder kit. Thi sclever bird feeder is made from 10 recycled yogurt pots. Get your hands messy and treat your local birds to a tasty treat.

❄️ A nature bingo sheet. Dress up warm and get outside to see if you can spot everything on the list.

❄️ Winter stickers. Enjoy these lovely stickers from Nadia at Quizzical Cat. Cosy up with some hot chocolate and get sticking.

❄️ A Singing robin. Befriend your singing robin. Make him a cosy nest, take him for a walk on a frosty morning, and make sure you give him a name!


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