The Nest Box


Buy the February Grow Curious box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. The theme for this box is Love Bugs.

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Buy the Grow Curious Nest Box for yourself, or as a gift, for £20.99. This box has the theme of Nests and inside you will find the following lovely things.


🐦 ‘A Nest is Noisy’
This beautifully illustrated book is full of interesting information and covers all kinds of nests, from orangutan nests to hummingbird nests.

🐦 A nester full of wool
The nester is full of soft, natural wool, perfect for your neighbourhood birds to line their nests with. Hang it up and see if you can spot some birds collecting it for their nests.

🐦 Sunflower seeds
How tall will your sunflower grow? See if you grow one that is taller than you, and when it has finished flowering, save the head and hang it up so that the birds can enjoy the seed.

🐦 A handmade bird bookmark
This beautiful hand stitched bookmark is made from super soft felt. Make yourself a nest and curl up with your favourite book. Mr Bluebird will make sure you never lose your place again.

🐦 A natural egg dye kit
Use these natural dyes to dye your eggs beautiful colours.

🐦 A nature bingo card
This scavenger hunt will have you thinking like a bird and looking out for perfect nest building materials. How about collecting some materials as you go, and setting up a whole nesting station for the birds?

🐦 An information card about nesting materials.

🐦 An activity card
Set up a potting station and enjoy some sensory play.


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